Randall Flagg



Randall Flagg is a 16 year old male with blonde hair and blue eyes. When he was younger and just starting his move into acting he got a bit part in a local play as the ritual sacrifice. The part was a ruse by a cult of demon worshipers (They thought they were demons but they were really aliens) who were trying to give one of the demons a human body. Randall was forced to drink some foul semi-liquid substance as part of the ritual the cultist forced him to participate in before they were caught and wiped out, as far as Randall knows.

Randal has noticed that he doesn’t feel that he belongs, as if everything is slightly off. Thinking back he realized that he has always felt this way to some degree just more so since that day with the cultists. Then it happened, he changed his skin became pale white with parches of rough hard patches no bigger than a dime all over his body. His eyes became slitted like a cats and all blue save the pupil that was a deep red, almost black. He passed out when it happened and when he awoke he seemed to be back to normal. At first he thought it had been a nightmare but he has come to realize that something has changed. He realized that the cultists had actually succeeded in turning him into a demon, just not right away.

Thinking back to when the cultists got their hands on him he realized that they seemed especially happy with him taking the part. Was he ever really a normal human? He is afraid that one day he will change and not be able to regain his normal appearance again. He has mirrors and pictures of himself from every angle available so that he can check and make sure each day. He is afraid that if that happens one day that his normal self will be forgotten, so he is driven to become well known if not famous as his normal self to keep this from happening.

For a living Randal is an actor. Mostly he only gets bit parts so he supplements his income by doing odd manual labor jobs and when he can fleecing people in poker. While he is fairly good at poker he knows that he isn’t good enough to take on an experienced card shark. He makes sure that his gambling is low key and always quits before winning enough to get people pissed off at him, getting shot would suck. Because of this he doesn’t have any real reputation in the gambling circles.


Randall Flagg

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