Jamie Dickson


Jamie’s “normal” form is an “average” looking young man with blond hair. Slightly above average height, slightly above average weight, maybe just a little pudgy (from too much fast food and too much time lounging around).

However Jamie doesn’t normally look “average” … he generally looks more like an extreme body builder or professional wrestler. With well-defined muscles and apparently no fat, he looks like he could bench-press a truck (actually he could pick it up and throw it, but who’s counting). When he moves he flows more like a dancer than how someone his size and shape would normally move, and his reactions seem remarkably fast.


Most folks remember their 16th Birthday … of course, for most folks it’s not the day that death rained down from the sky and their home town was transformed from a city of skyscrapers and shopping malls to a necropolis of tangled steel and charnel houses.

Jamie never got along well with his parents … they wanted a Doctor or a Lawyer in the family, while Jamie just wanted to be left alone. He skipped school, ran away, and generally exemplified a troubled teen. That all ended when the Aliens attacked and everyone he knew died.

Jamie was wandering downtown when the attack started. First it was just the bombardment, strange flashes of light that seemed to devastate everything they touched. Buildings were turned to rubble, falling debris killed thousands, panic filled the streets. Jamie was spared in the initial assault … at least “spared” if you consider it being spared to huddle, trapped in the ruins of a collapsed office building for hours (or days), hiding from roaming bands of Alien soldiers (or robots, or whatever they were).

Patrol after patrol moved through the area, the heavy tread of their boots (or feet, or pods, or whatever they were) echoing between the tumbled buildings and through the shattered remains of downtown. Each time Jamie thought the ordeal might have ended, the “thud thud THUD THUD” of a synchronized marching grew closer and closer. Finally, after growing weaker and weaker from thirst and his injuries, he blacked out as his panic overcame him as yet another patrol approached.

When Jamie regained consciousness, he was in a field hospital … well, a tent filled with casualties lying on cots and medical personnel doing what little they could without power, medicine, or most other supplies. His lacerations had been stitched up and he was given some food and water … after that, he was discharged (as in, told they needed the space for those still injured and he was pushed out of the tent) and sent off to make it as best he could on his own.

He tried finding family and friends, but as far as he could find very few made it out of the city alive. After a short time, Jamie moved off in search of somewhere else to live. Still in the middle of the war, he moved from place to place. Luckily he always seemed to stay ahead of the Alien attacks … although several other areas where he had stayed were eventually hit by the Aliens, he had always moved on before they arrived.

Jamie Dickson

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